Investment Philosophy

We strive to achieve superior and consistent returns by funding exceptional companies identified through our five core investment principles:

Core Principals

Execute our powerful and unique

investment thesis and process for each fund strategy that allows us to effectively identify and evaluate investment targets

Select disruptive companies

with enduring technology moats and strong business models that can scale efficiently irrespective of macroeconomic cycles

Maintain valuation discipline,

investing at levels that fit our risk parameters and returns profile

Perform strong fundamental research

Perform strong fundamental research

Employ a portfolio approach

to minimize risk through sector and time diversification

Investment Strategies

Andra seeks to capture and maximize value across various stages of a private company’s growth cycle.

Late Stage

Open-end fund focused on leading, late-stage, pre-IPO technology companies with an exit horizon of 2-3 years.

Target Company Characteristics


Closed-end fund focused on leading, disruptive, growth-stage private technology companies.

Target Company Characteristics

Target Verticals

Artificial Intelligence

Data and Analytics

Cloud Infrastructure



FinTech 2

Consumer Software

B2B and B2C Marketplaces

Digital Health