Two Strategies, One Goal

Andra seeks to maximize and capture value across various stages of a private company’s growth cycle.

Late Stage

Open-end fund investing in leading late-stage private technology companies two-to-three years is from an exit event.
• AI + Big Data • Cloud Infrastructure • Cybersecurity
• Networking • Financial Technology • Digital Health
• Consumer Software • B2B and B2C Marketplaces


Closed-end fund focused on leading, disruptive, growth-stage private technology companies, particularly at Series C, D+
• AI + Big Data • Cloud Infrastructure
• Cybersecurity • Enterprise SaaS

Vetting Industry Leaders

Selecting from over 400 pre-IPO companies in relevant tech sectors Andra will target 20+ opportunities with the following criteria

Backed by
tier-one VC’s

Companies Valued at
over $1 Billion

Top 3 in
Industry Vertical

Growth driven by
strong, long-term
technological trends

Visionary management
focused on growth

Democratized Venture Capital

We provide private investors access to the strongest portfolio OF companies of leading venture investors through: